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Ted Fairwell
Ted Fairwell.jpg
Portrayed by: Chris Messina
First appearance: "The Silence"
Last appearance: "Everyone's Waiting"
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Attorney
Relatives: Nathaniel Fisher (father-in-law)
Ruth Fisher (mother-in-law)
David Fisher (brother-in-law)
George Sibley (stepfather-in-law)
Willa Fisher Chenowith (niece)
Maya Fisher (niece)
Significant Other/s: Claire Fisher (girlfriend/wife)

Ted Fairwell is an attorney at Braeden Chemical Legal Department who becomes Claire Fisher's love interest when she starts working as a temp secretary.


Prior to becoming involved with Claire, he had a casual sexual relationship her co-worker Kirsten.

On their first date, Ted reveals himself to be a Republican, upsetting Claire. Later on their date, Claire receives the news of Nate's stroke. Ted takes her to the hospital to be with her family and stays with her through the night, causing her to see that he is a positive force she needs in her life.

In the final episode of the series, they end their relationship when Claire moves to New York but after she returns for her mother's funeral in 2025 they reunite and seemingly stay together since it appears he dies before she does in 2085 as he is not present during her death.