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Season Three
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No. of episodes 13
Original run March 3, 2002 - June 2, 2002
DVD release May 17, 2005
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Season Three of Six Feet Under premiered on March 2, 2003 and concluded on June 1, 2003.  It consisted of 13 episodes.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Number Title Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 "Perfect Circles" March 2, 2003 5.09
A year after the events of the previous episode, Nate has recovered from the operation and is married happily with Lisa and their daughter Maya. Fisher & Sons is now Fisher & Diaz; David and Keith attend couples' counseling while Ruth becomes obsessed with her granddaughter. Claire is at college and believes the work is pointless.
2 "You Never Know" March 9, 2003 5.13
David and Rico are at odds over the death of a telemarketer. Lisa and Nate hold a dinner for David and Keith.
3 "The Eye Inside" March 16, 2003 4.41
David and Keith go on a much needed vacation. Ruth has fun at the mall with Bettina while Claire breaks up with Phil.
4 "Nobody Sleeps" March 23, 2003 4.13
A man arranges an operatic tribute for his lover; Lisa arranges a birthday dinner for Ruth and David yearns for the closeness a deceased client had with his lover in his relationship with Keith.
5 "The Trap" March 30, 2003 4.87
Ruth sets ground rules for a new live-in apprentice Arthur. Brenda returns to apologize to Nate and David encounters a face from his past.
6 "Making Love Work" April 6, 2003 5.23
Nate and Lisa take Maya camping. Ruth enjoys spending time with new friend, Arthur while Claire and David talk about sexuality.
7 "Timing & Space" April 13, 2003 3.90
Brenda's father dies and Nate attends the funeral to Lisa's chagrin. David and Keith attend a brunch and Claire spends a lot of time with Russell.
8 "Tears, Bones and Desire" April 20, 2003 4.48
Fisher & Diaz plays home to a deceased patriarch's children and several wives. Keith gets his revenge on David's friends and Lisa becomes increasingly curious to learn about the details of Nate's break-up with Brenda.
9 "The Opening" April 27, 2003 4.62
Claire, Russell and Billy display their art at an alumni show. Ruth gets close with Arthur while David and Keith set ground rules on threesomes. Nate and Lisa unexpectedly meet up with Brenda at the art show.
10 "Everyone Leaves" May 4, 2003 5.15
Keith confronts his father after his aunt's funeral. Lisa travels to her sister's to give herself and Nate much needed relief. Claire gets a confession from Russell and later discusses her flawed relationships with her mother.
11 "Death Works Overtime" May 11, 2003 5.07
Fisher & Diaz brims with activity after receiving a trio of unrelated deaths. Ruth stays optimistic on Lisa's whereabouts. Claire is visited by Russell who begs for forgiveness and later finds out that she is pregnant.
12 "Twilight" May 18, 2003 4.66
A funeral for a serial killer causes Nate to ponder many scenarios about Lisa as he temporarily finds relief with the killer's daughter. Claire has an abortion while Ruth and George become engaged. Tensions between David and Keith come to a head.
13 "I'm Sorry, I'm Lost" June 1, 2003 5.78
Nate's behavior grows increasingly self-destructive while Ruth and George marry. Brenda goes on a date with a neighbor and David reunites with Keith.


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