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Season Five
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No. of episodes 12
Original run June 6, 2005 - August 21, 2005
DVD release March 28, 2006
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Season Five of Six Feet Under premiered on June 6, 2005 and concluded on August 21, 2005.  As with the previous season, it consisted of 12 episodes and is the final season.

The series finale was met with universal acclaim from both critics and viewers alike, often being cited as one of the finest of its kind in the history of television.


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Number Title Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 "A Coat of White Primer" June 6, 2005 2.62
Nate and Brenda prepare for a big day and Ruth is far from ecstatic on George's return home. David and Keith consider being parents.
2 "Dancing for Me" June 13, 2005 2.10
Nate hangs with friends from high school. Brenda starts her internship and Maggie gives Ruth much needed relief.
3 "Hold My Hand" June 20, 2005 1.92
Claire is seduced by Billy's newfound lust for life; George is haunted by visions from his mother's death. Ruth and Claire are at odds over Claire's inheritance money and lifestyle.
4 "Time Flies" June 27, 2005 2.19
On Nate's fortieth birthday, Brenda learns that she is pregnant again and throws a surprise party for him that ultimately goes awry. David and Keith "propose" to a potential surrogate.
5 "Eat a Peach" July 4, 2005 1.50
Ruth finds a way to relax without George. David and Keith consider adopting a child named Anthony. Nate and Brenda consider giving Maya a coherent narrative.
6 "The Rainbow of Her Reasons" July 10, 2005 2.23
Sarah visits with bad news. David and Keith begin experiencing difficulties on how to discipline their new foster children. Vanessa hires a nanny.
7 "The Silence" July 17, 2005 2.29
David and Keith struggle to create boundaries for their new sons. Brenda and Nate receive some ambiguous news. Ruth fills her schedule with activities.
8 "Singing for Our Lives" July 24, 2005 2.46
When David attempts to make a bid on a crematorium, Federico refuses and pushes for another employee. Brenda receives information from her doctor. Nate begins attending Quaker services with Maggie, to the chagrin of Brenda. Ruth goes to see her ex-boyfriend, Hiram.
9 "Ecotone" July 31, 2005 2.54
After suffering a massive stroke, Nate is taken to the hospital. As Nate undergoes surgery, tension ensues between Maggie and Brenda in the waiting room. Elsewhere, Ruth is still camping in the wilderness with Hiram and is completely oblivious to what is happening with her family in L.A. Nate dies from his stroke.
10 "All Alone" August 7, 2005 2.85
Nate's funeral divides the family. David deals with being left in charge of the family business, Keith makes an embarrassing discovery on the job. Brenda is challenged by Nate, and makes a painful decision about what to do with Maya. Maggie gets a door shut in her face.
11 "Static" August 14, 2005 3.25
As David's fears take over, Keith tries to protect him – and the boys. Visions of Nate compel Brenda to make a decision about her relationship with Billy, who is supporting her. George wants to help Ruth with Maya. Claire's grief begins to cause her to drink heavily and hallucinate while at Nate's gravesite. Rico pushes for a talk about the business.
12 "Everyone's Waiting" August 21, 2005 3.89
David finally embraces his demons. Nathaniel Sr. talks to his younger son. Brenda delivers early and fights Nate's negativity. Margaret is impressed to see Olivier's nurturing side. Rico and Vanessa celebrate an investment while the family toast Nate's memory at a farewell dinner for Claire. Claire's departure reveals what's to come for her family members and herself.


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