Parallel Play
Season 4, Episode 3
First Aired June 27, 2004
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"In Case of Rapture"
"Can I Come Up Now?"

"Parallel Play" is the third episode of the fourth season of Six Feet Under. It was written by Jill Soloway, directed by Jeremy Podeswa and first aired on June 27, 2004.


A group of prank-happy teenagers find their latest joke is no laughing matter.



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Kaitlin Elise Stolte (1989 - 2003)

Born on February 16, 1989 to Genevieve and Leonard Stolte in Thousand Oaks. Kaitlin brought great joy during her brief life to everyone she knew and showed enormous musical talent at an early age. She took private piano lessons at age 6, and placed in the Semi-Finals in the Chopin Society Youth Piano Competition in Tarzana last year. She was also a proud member of the Junior Varsity cheerleading squad at Sycamore Middle School.

She is survived by her loving parents and grandparents and by her younger brother Walter. Visitation will be 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 15 at Fisher & Diaz 2302 W. 25th Street in Los Angeles. Private burial to follow at Evangelical Methodist Cemetery in Thousand Oaks.


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Lucky Radiohead


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