Making Love Work
Season 3, Episode 6
First Aired April 6, 2003
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"The Trap"
"Timing & Space"
"Making Love Work" is the sixth episode of the third season of Six Feet Under.  It was written by Jill Soloway, directed by Kathy Bates and first aired on April 6, 2003.


Lisa takes Maya on a camping trip, and Rico wrestles with the challenges of a double-wide corpse.



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Karen Postell Pepper (1964-2003)

Pepper, Karen Postell - Born in Mill Valley, California on May 10, 1964 and died suddenly in Hollywood on March 28, 2003. Karen was the proud mother of Hannah and Zachary Pepper, beloved daughter of John and Helen Postell of San Francisco and loving sister to Marla Shay of Mendocino and Stephen Postell of New York City. Karen is also survived by her devoted husband Adam Pepper and his extended family in California and Illinois.

Karen attended UCLA, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Art History in 1986. She will be remembered for her love of entertaining and traveling, and will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Viewing at 1 p.m. on April 2 at Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home. Private burial to follow.


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