Lisa Kimmel Fisher
Lisa Kimmel Fisher
Portrayed by: Lili Taylor
First appearance: "Driving Mr. Mossback"
Last appearance: "Time Flies"
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Nathaniel Fisher (father-in-law)
Ruth Fisher (mother-in-law)
David Fisher (brother-in-law)
Claire Fisher (sister-in-law)
Hoyt (brother-in-law)
Maya Fisher (daughter)
Significant Other/s: Nate Fisher (husband)
Lisa Kimmel Fisher (born Lisa Kimmel) was Nate Fisher's first wife who was also the mother of his eldest daughter Maya.


She is an old friend of Nate's from Seattle who he reconnects with when he and Brenda split up. She later falls pregnant with his child and eventually gives birth to a daughter that they name Maya before marrying. However, their marriage is a turbulent one as she continuously believes he harbours feelings for Brenda.

When Lisa goes missing, Nate is left to care for his daughter alone with the help of his family and later receives the grim news that Lisa's body has been found washed up on the beach. It is implied that she was murdered by her brother-in-law Hoyt, with whom she had been having an affair, but this is never confirmed.