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Keith Charles
Keith Charles.jpg
Portrayed by: Mathew St. Patrick
First appearance: "Pilot"
Last appearance: "Everyone's Waiting"
Born: 1968
Died: 2029
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Police officer
Relatives: Roderick Charles (father)
Lucille Charles (mother)
Karla Charles (sister)
Taylor Benoit (niece)
Nathaniel Fisher (father-in-law)
Ruth Fisher (mother-in-law)
Nate Fisher (brother-in-law)
Claire Fisher (sister-in-law)
Significant Other/s: David Fisher (husband)
Celeste (slept together)

Keith Charles is a fictional character in the HBO series Six Feet Under. He is portrayed by Mathew St. Patrick.


A police officer, Keith graduated from West Point Military Academy with a degree in Criminology in 1989 and began working for Los Angeles Police Department. He met David Fisher at a gay-friendly church and they began dating in secret. He tolerated David hiding his sexuality but they later split up.

He then began dating an emergency medical technician named Eddie, but their relationship failed when Keith becomes concerned with his niece Taylor and his sister Karla Denise, who goes into drug rehabilitation. He is later fired for beating up a man during a domestic violence call. After handing over Taylor to his parents without consulting David, they decide to seek couples' counseling. However, they split up again.

While separated, Keith got a job as a bodyguard to pop star Celeste and ended up sleeping with her while David was carjacked, leaving him traumatized. Keith returned home to help but David told him to return to work and ended up suffering panic attacks and became emotionally unstable. Keith returned to the tour and came out to his co-workers, also confessing his feelings for David to Celeste. They slept together and she then fired him for indiscretion.

After reconciling again, Keith and David decided to start a family but could not agree how to go about it until David met brothers Anthony and Durrell at a fair. After a troubling start with the boys due to their past in foster care, Keith and David adapted to their roles as parents and the boys began to accept them as such.

In the series finale the couple married and remained together until Keith was gunned down during an armed raid in 2029 while working for a security company.

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