Hiram Gunderson
Hiram Gunderson
Portrayed by: Ed Begley Jr.
First appearance: "The Will"
Last appearance: "Ecotone"
Status: Alive
Occupation: Retired chef and hairdresser
Significant Other/s: Ruth Fisher (ex-girlfriend)

Hiram Gunderson is a retired chef and hairdresser.


A divorcee and environmentalist, he meets Ruth Fisher when she gets her hair done by him. They date for several months following the death of her husband and he takes her on camping trips, getting her to feel more comfortable with her sex life.

However, they split when he reveals he has feelings for another woman but when she is attending a self-help seminar she contacts him and he mistakenly believes she wants to get back with him.

Several years pass before they reunite on a camping trip but she realizes she is no longer attracted to him and hitchhikes home alone.