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George Sibley
George Sibley.jpeg
Portrayed by: James Cromwell
First appearance: "Death Works Overtime"
Last appearance: "Everyone's Waiting"
Status: Alive
Occupation: Geology professor
Relatives: Kyle (son)
Brian Sibley (son)
Maggie Sibley (daughter)
Nate Fisher (stepson)
David Fisher (stepson)
Claire Fisher (stepdaughter)
Sarah O'Connor (sister-in-law)
Significant Other/s: Ruth Fisher (wife)
Susie (first wife)
Gloria (second wife)
Tanya (third wife)
Andrea (fourth wife)
Doris (fifth wife)
Cheryl (sixth wife)

George Sibley is Ruth Fisher's second husband.  Upon their marriage he becomes a stepfather to her three children.


A professor of geology, he has been married six times previously with two children, a son named Brian and a daughter named Maggie.

While still a student he dated a woman who became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named Kyle. However, George signed away his custodial rights which led to Kyle hating him and thus sending him horrible packages while he was with Ruth. They later reconciled with her help.

He suffers from psychotic depression and undergoes electroconvulsive therapy, still recovering from the effects of his mother's suicide in 1953. However, Ruth decides to separate from him as she is unable to care for him and he later tells her that he is engaged again. However, Ruth sabotages the new relationship when she tells the new woman about George's past and problems.

George and Ruth reconcile when Nate dies and remain together, although living separately, until her death.