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Gabriel Dimas
Gabriel Dimas.jpg
Portrayed by: Eric Balfour
First appearance: "Pilot"
Last appearance: "I'm Sorry, I'm Lost"
Status: Unknown (most likely deceased)
Occupation: Student
Relatives: unknown name (father)
Vickie Dimas (mother)
Anthony Finelli(younger maternal half-brother)
unknown name (step-father)
Significant Other/s: Claire Fisher (ex-girlfriend)

Gabriel 'Gabe' Dimas is a character from Six Feet Under. He is portrayed by Eric Balfour.

Gabe is Claire Fisher's boyfriend during their senior year of high school. Claire decides to break up with him when she learns that the whole school knew that he had sucked her toes, leading to her getting revenge by putting a severed foot in his school locker. She did not speak to him until the death of his younger maternal half-brother : Anthony Finelli. His stepfather attacked him at his brother's funeral since he blamed Gabe for being the one who told Anthony to go off and play, leading to him finding the gun he accidentally killed himself with.

Gabe ends up overdosing and Claire tries to help him recover. However, he holds up a convenience store, stealing the Fishers' embalming fluid to use for extra-potent joints, and pulling a gun on another driver while Claire is trying to drive him to a secluded area. They split up again and she later receives closure from a fantasy sequence in which she believes he has killed himself in order to be with his younger brother. We do not know exactly if this is also true in reality.