Arthur Martin
Arthur Martin
Portrayed by: Rainn Wilson
First appearance: "The Trap"
Last appearance: "Ecotone"
Status: Alive
Occupation: Intern at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home
Arthur Martin is a one-time intern at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home.


He was orphaned at age five and raised by his aunt, who homeschooled him until she died.  He went to college to study music, before giving it up to study at mortuary school in the hopes of becoming a funeral director.

During his senior year, he receives a live-in apprenticeship with the Fisher family and Federico but things soon decline when Ruth starts thinking that their budding friendship is becoming physical. When she realizes he is unable to relate to her in sexual way she ceases their friendship and starts acting coldly towards him during his attempts to make conversation.

When Lisa goes missing, Ruth is comforted by and later starts dating George Sibley, much to Arthur's discomfort. He has a strained relationship with George and when distasteful packages start arriving Ruth initially believes that Arthur is responsible and he leaves when she confronts him. After Ruth talks of pressing charges against him, George tells her that his first-born son, who he has a bad relationship with, is the one who has been sending the packages.

Arthur is last seen in Ruth's dream sequence where she is seen shooting her former lovers to the tune of carnival music.